How to avoid fraudulent casinos

Posted by admin on April 16, 2013
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Have you worked up a decent size bank roll and decided it’s about time you start playing slot machines to get some good cash prizes? How do you know what casino bonus to take, should you just go for the biggest slot bonus you can find? Keep in mind that there are a few fraudulent casinos out there that might not pay your money. This article will reveal some tips on how to avoid them. The first and most easy way of finding reliable casinos is by going via a gambling portal. Sites like Eurogambler and Descargar Tragamonedas all have lists of trusted and well reputed online casinos, all of which are safe to play at.

The questions above are common concerns for casino players around the globe, and there really is no easy way to answer them. Naturally, we’d like to go for the highest bonus that you can find online as it would increase your chances of winning. Sure, you could get lucky and get a free no deposit bonus in a casino and immediately scoring the highest jackpot possible, but for us mere mortals there’s more to it than just getting lucky.

The majority of experienced casino players know everything there is to know about online casino bonuses, but it’s a different story for the newbies. These players have just found out about slots and are eager to play, so they look for the biggest free bonuses that they can find out. They hit a jackpot and think they’ve become rich, only to find out that the casino is only going to pay them a fraction of the jackpot. This might seem unfair, but it’s all stated in the terms and conditions, and if the player has not read it through before accepting it, it really is his own fault. That said, we can’t sweep the fact that casino’s intentionally make the rules hard to understand under the rug.

Generally, you want to avoid bonuses that have a max cash out rule. This is because they are capped. For example, if you deposit €10 to get one of these bonuses you might only be eligible to cash out your initial deposit times ten, which can be rather harsh if you all of a sudden win a massive jackpot with no chance of transferring the whole amount to your bank account.

Actually, these bonuses aren’t too common today, as they are getting more and more known by the general casino public, who now avoids playing such bonuses. But that doesn’t change the fact that you will occasionally find a casino with max cash out rules, and when you do, it’s really better to just stay away from that casino and go elsewhere.

So basically, you’re looking for a casino bonus with no cash out rule, and with a fairly low wagering requirement, which decides how many times you have to wager your bonus before you can cash out any winnings. The only time the max cash out rule is acceptable is when you get free chips from the casino without having to make a deposit, as you are then playing without the risk of losing any money. Make sure to always read through the terms and conditions thoroughly to make sure you understand what sort of a bonus it is. An easy way to find a big bonus is to visit sites such as Juegos del casino, which offers special deals on some of the most popular casinos on the market.

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Customer Support is key

Posted by admin on December 14, 2012
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You’re all set up for an evening of relaxing casino gaming in front of your computer. You’ve been promised a 100% bonus on your next deposit and you really want to take advantage of it. You deposit your money but for some reason the bonus do not go into your account. These things can happen for a number of reasons, and it can be really frustrating. But wouldn’t it be even more frustrating if you sent an email to the support team and they didn’t get back to you until two days later?

The casino gaming industry is so competitive that you should expect to be treated as a valuable customer at all times. Make sure that the casino that you choose to play with have a support team that are at your hands at all times. Emailing can be good, but it’s a bit outdated. What you really should look for is a live chat function as well as telephone support, to make sure that your issues can be handled immediately so you don’t have to have your gaming night ruined because of a support team that is lazy.

This is important to look for, particularly in smaller casinos, as most of the more well known casinos have integrated these new forms of support a long time ago. Visit sites such as Jugar Online or Quiniela Nacional to find casinos with good bonuses as well as great support functions to make for a better experience in your casino play!

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