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Posted by admin on April 25, 2013

Most of us think of bingo and other forms of gambling related activities not as a way of making money but as a way of relaxing and to escape from reality for a little while. Sometimes you end up winning a couple of hundred on websites lie Balloon Bingo, and then you lose it again, but not a lot of us expect to ever win a jackpot that would change our lives forever. However, you should never lose hope! In fact, there are a large number of people that have ended up winning huge prizes in online gambling, especially since it has gotten so very popular, just check these winners out!

While playing one of the video slots offered on Party casino, a UK resident recently hit the jackpot and won almost $ 4.500.000! The anonymous winner had joined the website only nine days earlier before getting this historical jackpot, which proves that she either has some mad slot skills or that she has a serious case of beginners luck. No matter what, the jackpot surely sorted out the financial side of things for her. You can find the bingo sites with the highest jackpots at bingo portals like and

Ladbrokes casino is another casino website that recently paid out a huge jackpot online. The progressive jackpot was over 1.5 million pounds, and it all went to one lucky player. Luckily enough, this jackpot, unlike many others, was paid out straight away in its whole, meaning that the man’s bank balance shot up several thousand percent in just a second.

A man with the nickname of MrC recently had the best day of his life when he was playing bingo at Jackpot Joy. He played a game with a progressive jackpot; progressive meaning that it continues to grow until it’s won. The jackpot was up at a whopping £55,000 when he hit his full card and took it home.

Let these examples inspire you, and realize that there actually is a chance that some day you will hit that fantastic win. It actually makes the games more enjoyable and exciting! Try signing up for an online bingo site today, you can find some great offers at or, which lists som of the best online bingo rooms in the business!

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